Would You Mind Answering My Question

Would You Mind Answering My Question. Is (1) a polite form of (3) and somehow has (3) lost its usage? Do you mind. is a polite way of asking can you. for this reason, it's usually acceptable to respond to the semantic intent of the question by answering yes (i can do that), rather than responding to the grammatical form with no (i don't mind).

The ‘Hey Ya’ effect IRONCONSULTANT
The ‘Hey Ya’ effect IRONCONSULTANT from ironconsultant.com

Would you mind taking a minute to answer my messages please? Do you mind my opening the window? You are not ok if they sit at the same table.

The ‘Hey Ya’ effect IRONCONSULTANT

(??) is it simply a matter of usage? While of course or yes are logically incorrect, since the question requires a negative answer to show agreement to the request, they are generally well understood to mean agreement. We use the conditional tense to. Whether you should say please in addition to asking in a polite manner is a judgement call on your part.