Fitness Components Of Touch Football

Fitness Components Of Touch Football. Specific fitness components are also required to perform a game of touch effectively. Speed / quickness, analytic & tactical ability agility, balance & coordination, motivation & self confidence coping with pressure situations, reaction time, aerobic endurance.

Fitness Components For Football Fitness & Gym
Fitness Components For Football Fitness & Gym from

We have a poll about the component of fitness most important for success in afl. There are three positions in a touch game; All of these 9 components apply to touch football, however some more than others, and everyone has a different opinion on which ones apply more to touch football but they are generally similar responses.

Fitness Components For Football Fitness & Gym

Fitness components used in touch football include aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, agility, speed, balance and coordination (see appendix 1). (touch dump, 2011) fitness component requirements (aerobic capacity, coordination, local muscular endurance) aerobic capacity middles are usually the fittest members of a team and therefore require a high level of aerobic capacity. Warm up thoroughly before playing. A fit person can move a joint through its entire range of motion.