Journal of Diabetic Research

About the Journal

Aim & Scope 

Iore journal of diabetic research is an open access, peer-reviewed journals pointing out the recent development and cutting edge research in the area of diabetes. Scope of the journal includes types of diabetes, diagnosis, diabetic drug development, managing the risk of diabetes, genetic origin of diabetes, diabetes related abnormalities like disturbed carbohydrate metabolism and insulin synthesis resulting in high blood sugar with symptoms such as elevated hunger and thirst, polyuria, glycosuria, lethargy , obesity and diabetes, Endocrinology, related metabolic disorders , prevention of diabetes, regulating blood sugar, herbal treatment for diabetes , regenerative medicine for diabetes, etc.


Iore aims at generating peer-reviewed high quality articles and free distribution through open access and social promotion helping young scientist attain high citations for their article. Iore follows easy submission steps and reviews article within 15 days time frame making publishing easy and co-ordinal.