Iore Journal of Cancer

About the Journal

Aim & Scope:

Cancer or neoplasm biology or oncology is one of the hot topics of present day research due to its quick spread to all parts of the body through lymphatic and blood system. Hence its early diagnosis and treatment are the great challenges to present day science. Iore journal of cancer provides highly précised and eminent articles covering the vast area of cancer consisting of topics like early detection of cancer, emerging therapeutic approaches, new regimens, Different types of cancer include, lung cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and skin cancer etc., mutagenesis, genetic causes of cancer and tumors, gene therapy of cancer, stem cell therapy of cancer, carcinogen studies, drug development, preventative measures etc.


Iore welcomes original article, review articles, case reports, short communications, book chapters related to oncology research and therapy and promises to efficiently process the articles within defined time frame to generate quality data useful to society. Being Open Access the articles shall be freely available without any legal or financial constraints.