Iore Journal Of Agro and Crop Science

About the Journal


Aim & Scope

Journal of Agro and crop science is a peer-reviewed open access platform providing scope for emerging research in the field of agriculture and crop development. Agricultural development and implementation of improved crop variety has become inevitable to fight with present climatic conditions.  Our journal welcomes articles from a wide area of topics such as plant pathology, weed biology, plant molecular genetics, crop improvement, theoretical production ecology, horticulture, plant breeding, plant fertilization, and soil science, Post Harvest Biology and Technology, Soil Research and Rehabilitation, poltary science fish farming,  Stored Products Research, oil seed studies, fodder crop, Tillage and Cultivation, viticulture, pesticide studies and seed science.


Iore aims at catalyzing and motivating high quality, original agricultural research to make earth a better place to dwell. It provides a platform for accelerating knowledge with its unique peer-reviewed and timely (15 days) processing methodology. We aim to satisfy beyond the expectations of Authors and viewers.