Iore Journal of Genetics

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Genetics is highly complicated and advanced branch of Science, comprising a wide range of subjects like techniques used for conversion of genetic material in the DNA code in a living organism or simply modification of genetic matter, studying the genes and chromosomal info of an organism, . Genetically modified organisms are used in many types of industries to give exaggerated products. Not only this, but it has helped in achieving great success in disease diagnosis as well. Journal of Genetics is an open access firm aimed at publishing high quality articles covering a spanning range of topics like Gene manipulation, Gene therapy, genetically engineered crop and other organisms, denovo DNA techniques, Diagnostic measures, Biosensor development, Vector studies, recombinant DNA technology, Gene Cloning and expression studies, application of genetic engineering in various industries, chromosomal abnormalities, gene duplication, etc.


Iore promises peer-reviewed and genuine article publishing with the help of its excellent editorial system and provides a platform for young and enthusiastic researchers to exchange their valuable research so that knowledge is spread over the globe.